Personalized In Home Care

Elderfit In Home Rehab's home physical therapy and occupational therapy is for our community members that prefer to have their rehabilitation providers come to their home. We bring needed physical therapy and occupational therapy services right where they are most needed - we provide rehabilitation services and care coordination onsite at home.

Some of the Benefits of Home Rehabilitation.

By delivering our care in the patient's home, we can often achieve exceptional results such as:

  • Better compliance,
  • Better treatment attendance,
  • Decreased likelihood of relapse,
  • A faster recovery.

For some of our patients, home physical therapy and/or occupational therapy is a better option. Here are some reasons why a patient might consider our home rehabilitation service:

  • A fear of driving,
  • Excessive fatigue,
  • Significant challenges with walking & transfers,
  • Little or no family support that might prevent attendance to our Elderfit In Home Rehab facility.

Who Refers to Our Home Rehabilitation Services?

Many of our patients are referred by physicians who seek options for their patients that have restricted travel abilities. Some are referred by local hospital care planners that serve the senior and low mobility community.

Finally, many patients are sent to us from Home Health Agencies (after Medicare Part A benefits have been exhausted) or outpatient physical therapy clinics, when outpatient attendance is low, or patients arrive too fatigued to participate in an outpatient therapy program.

Need More Information?

Please give us a call to learn more about our home physical therapy and occupational therapy services. It's a great option for many members of our community.

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