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"I recently had back surgery and was Blessed to have Vickie Tilley as my Physical Therapist during recovery. I had a follow up appt with my Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday and he was pleased with my progress in recovering; thanks to Vickie Tilley. I would like to thank Vickie for: 1. Pushing me to limits I didn't think were possible 2. Encouraging me to keep going even when it hurt 3. For picking me up when I was down on myself and frustrated 4. Always greeting me with a smile and making PT enjoyable 5. For your caring and compassion in advocating for geriatric patient population "
Feb 18, 2021
"I broke my femur bone and was having physical therapy to be able to walk and have mobility. My therapy was not with ElderFit and I felt like I was not improving. I consulted ElderFit and within two weeks I felt stronger. I have had ElderFit for a little over two months and have made so much progress. I was given all the tools to make my hip stronger. My therapist met me at my gym and made a plan of weights for me. She also gave me exercises to do at home. She would send me an email with all exercises with directions and a videos on how to do them properly. This was so helpful. I am so happy that a switched to ElderFit. "
Feb 17, 2020


"I see progress in only two weeks, which surprised me. But I am seeing progress"

I was so blessed to meet Vicki as my instructor in the Steady and Strong exercise class. My husband, Joe, was already physically challenged from a massive stroke he suffered in 2008 before he fell in October 2015 and fractured his right hip (his most challenged side).

He had surgery, went to Hillcrest Nursing Home for 8 weeks for PT, then home with home health. I was concerned that he was not getting back to his level of function before the fall.

I asked Vicki about her Company, Elder Fit, and she readily assisted me in getting PT in the home again. She assigned Johanna, PT, to Joe.

Johanna did an exceptional job on the road to recovery for Joe. She went above and beyond what I believe a physical therapist would do for a patient.

Her kindness, commitment and motivation were determining factors in enabling him to get back to where he was before the fall.

Joe and I are forever grateful for her.


"I've had hip pain for 6 months, but I no longer have it. Your physical therapy has helped so much!"

ElderFit Testimonial ElderFit Testimonial

"I wanted you to know how much my family appreciates the Elderfit team's recent therapeutic intervention with my dad. Craig DeBussey has gone above and beyond to provide patient centered care with a you can do it attitude. My dad has benefited greatly, and at present has been able to achieve his goal of being able to remain at Emerald Pond. The convenience of in-home care for elders cannot be overstated. It is a model of care that just makes sense."

Thank you and best regards,
Phyllis V.